Quick Extender Pro Review: Is It The #1 Choice On The Market In 2020?

According to recent surveys, most men aren’t satisfied by the length or girth of their penis. It’s like we’re all looking for something bigger and better but we just can’t find it. The greatest day of my life was the day I realized how much science cared about my dick and balls. By that I mean I discovered my very first penis extender and things haven’t been the same ever since. Yes, I’ve experienced my fair share of shitty devices and I’ve been disappointed more times than I can count, but overall, the fact that I can now apply varying degrees of traction to my penis without pain (and without people knowing about it) changed my life for the better.

My latest conquest was won with the help of the Quick Extender Pro, or QEP. I avoided this device like the plague for so many years because of its corny name, believe it or not. I always feel like products that aren’t titled cleverly have designers that are just as boring, so I tend to gravitate towards contraptions that are difficult to pronounce or followed by officially looking initials like MD, ED or something like that. Maybe that’s what got my attention initially with this particular device – the “QEP” acronym for the otherwise salesy nomenclature. Either way, my experience was nothing like I expected it to be and I’d like to share the details of it with you guys if you don’t mind.

What Is the Quick Extender Pro?

First of all, let me briefly explain what this device actually is (and isn’t). It’s not a penis pump because it uses traction instead of suction to stimulate penile growth, both vertically and horizontally. And while it attached itself directly to the shaft of your penis through a series of straps and buckles, the experience is meant to be relatively unnoticeable for both the wearer and onlookers potentially staring at your crotch. According to the manufacturer’s website, this contraption is a go-to device for men all over the world and is considered a top-rated solution for both enlargement and curvature correction. It’s also made out of skin-safe materials and comes with a set of easy to follow user instructions so even the noobs can get a piece of the action.

How It Works

Quick Extender Pro works by using a scientifically researched technique called “traction” to promote cellular division and rejuvenation along the penile shaft. Traction is commonly used in post-op therapies and is just a fancy word for gentle pulling. This device clings to the head of the penis while supporting the breadth with durable hardware to promote proportional growth in both length and girth. And because it’s made with such high-end materials with the user’s comfort in mind, it’s ideal for long-term wear as well as wear under loose-fitting clothes.

The execution of traction from the QEP is designed to be gentle yet effective. The maker says it’s completely painless and can be performed overnight under the right circumstances. The exclusive DSS (Double Strap System) uses Enhanced Comfort Technology to keep the chamber in place regardless of the wearer’s actions. It also ensures that the device delivers a constant stream of pressure to the penis so that all growth is even and attractive. Sound too good to be true? Yeah, that’s what I thought too. However, after using this thing on a daily basis for a few weeks, I started to understand what all the fuss was about.

Not only does traction actually work to extend the size of your penis but the design of the QEP means that there’s no interference wit normal bodily functions like ejaculation and urination. The carefully calibrated traction delivery system is completely customizable too, making long-term wear both comfortable and extremely beneficial. Growth is generally experienced after the penis tissues have had plenty of time to undergo microtears but don’t let that scare you. Your body will naturally recognize those tears as gaps in penile tissue and start filling them in with the proteins in your body, thereby making your dick longer and thicker in the process.

TIP: I like to consume a diet that’s rich in fiber, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins while using a penis extender because it helps enhance the side effects of traction while keeping my body in top working order (so I can show off my amazing boner when it’s time).

My Experience

I’m relatively familiar with traction devices and penis extenders that claim the backing of envelope-pushing sciences to generate sales. In other words, I was a skeptic about the Quick Extender Pro and I’m still not quite convinced that it’s the absolute best thing since sliced bread. While it’s extremely effective at making a penis larger and more robust, it’s not the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. Of course, that could have something to do with the fact that I cranked it up to maximum volume as soon as I strapped it on. Maybe you should start out slow instead.

Regardless, I was a little disappointed in the fact that this device didn’t treat erectile dysfunction. However, I’ve yet to find a penis extender that does. Considering the QEP is used to treat Peyronie’s Disease, it gets another point in my book. I don’t necessarily have a weirdly curved dick but it didn’t hurt to straighten things out a bit. After all was said and done, that lack of curvature helped give me another quarter inch on my length. I think it’s fair to say that beauty is pain for both males and females at this point. While the girls are plucking mustache hairs from their upper lips, us guys are strapping complex contraptions onto our dicks to reach their g-spots and that’s fine with me. It’s a cruel world out there, boys.

Day one began with me trying to familiarize myself with all the little parts that came with the device. Once I figured out the appropriate size and worked on my sitting/standing techniques (and hopped into some baggy sweatpants) it was mission: initiation. I wore the QEP for about three hours a day for the first week and then I started following the exercise guide provided. The most off-putting part was the healing process afterwards. Without proper amounts of electrolytes in your body, mitosis (or cytokensis) can be a real bitch. By the way, those are just some fancy words for describing the process that involves your penis naturally filling in the gaps that were created by the microscopic tears of traction. My suggestion is to use a skin-fortifying lotion or essential oil on your shlong while this is happening.

TIP: Avoid going tanning, swimming or sitting in hot baths or hot tubs while you’re engaged in a daily penis extension routine, as doing any of those activities might compromise the mitosis process or decrease the appearance of your penis when you’re done.

Why I Liked/Disliked It

I prefer using top-quality penis extenders because the makers always go above and beyond to create devices that are pain-free and the Quick Extender Pro was no exception. The traction is applied over time and can be tailored according to the wearer’s specifications as well as adjusted at any time throughout the process. You can wear this thing for as many hours as you choose and it can even be taken into the bath or shower if you’re properly prepared. There are many reasons to fall in love with the QEP but there are still some things I think you need to know before you spend any money. Here goes:


  • Comes with a bunch of exercise programs to help you succeed
  • Exercise programs can be modified to suit your needs
  • Even distribution of traction because of the dual silicone tubes of the DSS System
  • Minimal slippage experienced, even during strenuous activity
  • Comfort pads for enhanced effectiveness during long-term wear
  • Exclusive circulation-promoting design for improved cytokinesis
  • Made from durable, hypoallergenic materials
  • Comes with a warranty from the manufacturer


  • It may not fit men with extremely small penises
  • Takes some getting used to, especially for newbies
  • May be more expensive than most penis extension devices
  • Lots of assembly required
  • Warranty does not cover a lack of penile growth

Unlike some extension devices that I’ve used in the past, the high-dollar QEP is not covered by major insurance companies despite being backed by medical science, nor is it equipped with any spare parts or replacement pieces. You’ll have to get those things directly from the manufacturer and I hope you don’t have to because they’re kind of expensive. Be sure to register your warranty within 30 days of the purchase date or you’ll be sorry, especially if anything breaks, doesn’t fit or needs replacing.

My Quick Extender Pro Results

I won’t sit here and tell you that the Quick Extender Pro made all my dreams come true. I’m still going to be looking around for bigger and better things because there were a few areas where the QEP lacked. Like I said, it wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world but that was probably because I applied too much traction to start out with. Over time, I learned how to find a balance between the adjustable snugness of the strapping system and the adjustable pull of the device itself. Once that was accomplished, I had to recant my original statement about the device not being cozy. It was then that my major complaint was in the overall effectiveness of the machine.

Having learned a few tips since then, I think things may have been different had I used the right lotions and fed myself properly throughout the process. Manufacturers can only promise so much because the side effects of the contraption are solely dependent upon how you use it and the shape of your body when you begin. Therefore, I can’t really knock the QEP for much besides the fact that it’s sort of difficult to assemble at first and requires daily maintenance for at least a few months. However, that seems to be the trend among penis extenders these days so I guess I’ll deal with it. I swear, I’m ready for a true quick fix to my short dick. The name of this thing is somewhat misleading.

Either way, I experienced about a half-inch of growth within the first couple weeks of using the Quick Extender Pro and I suppose that’s fast enough. My mother would call me greedy for wanting more, yet the machine kept making my dick longer one millimeter at a time. When all was said and done, my shlong has grown about an inch and a half in length and grew nearly a quarter inch in girth. The next step was to show it off to my lover, but they were no longer around because my dick had been strapped inside this device for so long. I had to take some male enhancement supplements to boost my libido and enhance my stamina after not fucking for weeks, but the combination of the MEP and the QEP was A-OK to me (and her).

The Overview

I’d suggest the Quick Extender Pro penis extension device to any man who considers himself at least a moderately experienced dude when it comes to penile growth, microtears and mitosis. It’s definitely not a product I’d recommend for newcomers, nor is it ideal for guys who have extremely small dicks or cocks that can’t get erect. This thing is perfect for men with Peyronie’s Disease though and it can be worn day in and day out, so there’s that. I wouldn’t use it if I didn’t have the patience to adjust every little piece of the puzzle, but fortunately I do. Either way you look at it, there’s always a price to pay when you want to change anything about your natural body. So, it makes sense that this contraption would have unique pros and cons that need to be considered ahead of time. That’s just the way life goes, bros.

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