Quick Extender Pro Review: Is It The #1 Choice On The Market In 2020?

According to recent surveys, most men aren’t satisfied by the length or girth of their penis. It’s like we’re all looking for something bigger and better but we just can’t find it. The greatest day of my life was the day I realized how much science cared about my dick and balls. By that I mean I discovered my very first penis extender and things haven’t been the same ever since. Yes, I’ve experienced my fair share of shitty devices and I’ve been disappointed more times than I can count, but overall, the fact that I can now apply varying degrees of traction to my penis without pain (and without people knowing about it) changed my life for the better.

My latest conquest was won with the help of the Quick Extender Pro, or QEP. I avoided this device like the plague for so many years because of its corny name, believe it or not. I always feel like products that aren’t titled cleverly have designers that are just as boring, so I tend to gravitate towards contraptions that are difficult to pronounce or followed by officially looking initials like MD, ED or something like that. Maybe that’s what got my attention initially with this particular device – the “QEP” acronym for the otherwise salesy nomenclature. Either way, my experience was nothing like I expected it to be and I’d like to share the details of it with you guys if you don’t mind.

What Is the Quick Extender Pro?

First of all, let me briefly explain what this device actually is (and isn’t). It’s not a penis pump because it uses traction instead of suction to stimulate penile growth, both vertically and horizontally. And while it attached itself directly to the shaft of your penis through a series of straps and buckles, the experience is meant to be relatively unnoticeable for both the wearer and onlookers potentially staring at your crotch. According to the manufacturer’s website, this contraption is a go-to device for men all over the world and is considered a top-rated solution for both enlargement and curvature correction. It’s also made out of skin-safe materials and comes with a set of easy to follow user instructions so even the noobs can get a piece of the action.

How It Works

Quick Extender Pro works by using a scientifically researched technique called “traction” to promote cellular division and rejuvenation along the penile shaft. Traction is commonly used in post-op therapies and is just a fancy word for gentle pulling. This device clings to the head of the penis while supporting the breadth with durable hardware to promote proportional growth in both length and girth. And because it’s made with such high-end materials with the user’s comfort in mind, it’s ideal for long-term wear as well as wear under loose-fitting clothes.

The execution of traction from the QEP is designed to be gentle yet effective. The maker says it’s completely painless and can be performed overnight under the right circumstances. The exclusive DSS (Double Strap System) uses Enhanced Comfort Technology to keep the chamber in place regardless of the wearer’s actions. It also ensures that the device delivers a constant stream of pressure to the penis so that all growth is even and attractive. Sound too good to be true? Yeah, that’s what I thought too. However, after using this thing on a daily basis for a few weeks, I started to understand what all the fuss was about.

Not only does traction actually work to extend the size of your penis but the design of the QEP means that there’s no interference wit normal bodily functions like ejaculation and urination. The carefully calibrated traction delivery system is completely customizable too, making long-term wear both comfortable and extremely beneficial. Growth is generally experienced after the penis tissues have had plenty of time to undergo microtears but don’t let that scare you. Your body will naturally recognize those tears as gaps in penile tissue and start filling them in with the proteins in your body, thereby making your dick longer and thicker in the process.

TIP: I like to consume a diet that’s rich in fiber, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins while using a penis extender because it helps enhance the side effects of traction while keeping my body in top working order (so I can show off my amazing boner when it’s time).

My Experience

I’m relatively familiar with traction devices and penis extenders that claim the backing of envelope-pushing sciences to generate sales. In other words, I was a skeptic about the Quick Extender Pro and I’m still not quite convinced that it’s the absolute best thing since sliced bread. While it’s extremely effective at making a penis larger and more robust, it’s not the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. Of course, that could have something to do with the fact that I cranked it up to maximum volume as soon as I strapped it on. Maybe you should start out slow instead.

Regardless, I was a little disappointed in the fact that this device didn’t treat erectile dysfunction. However, I’ve yet to find a penis extender that does. Considering the QEP is used to treat Peyronie’s Disease, it gets another point in my book. I don’t necessarily have a weirdly curved dick but it didn’t hurt to straighten things out a bit. After all was said and done, that lack of curvature helped give me another quarter inch on my length. I think it’s fair to say that beauty is pain for both males and females at this point. While the girls are plucking mustache hairs from their upper lips, us guys are strapping complex contraptions onto our dicks to reach their g-spots and that’s fine with me. It’s a cruel world out there, boys.

Day one began with me trying to familiarize myself with all the little parts that came with the device. Once I figured out the appropriate size and worked on my sitting/standing techniques (and hopped into some baggy sweatpants) it was mission: initiation. I wore the QEP for about three hours a day for the first week and then I started following the exercise guide provided. The most off-putting part was the healing process afterwards. Without proper amounts of electrolytes in your body, mitosis (or cytokensis) can be a real bitch. By the way, those are just some fancy words for describing the process that involves your penis naturally filling in the gaps that were created by the microscopic tears of traction. My suggestion is to use a skin-fortifying lotion or essential oil on your shlong while this is happening.

TIP: Avoid going tanning, swimming or sitting in hot baths or hot tubs while you’re engaged in a daily penis extension routine, as doing any of those activities might compromise the mitosis process or decrease the appearance of your penis when you’re done.

Why I Liked/Disliked It

I prefer using top-quality penis extenders because the makers always go above and beyond to create devices that are pain-free and the Quick Extender Pro was no exception. The traction is applied over time and can be tailored according to the wearer’s specifications as well as adjusted at any time throughout the process. You can wear this thing for as many hours as you choose and it can even be taken into the bath or shower if you’re properly prepared. There are many reasons to fall in love with the QEP but there are still some things I think you need to know before you spend any money. Here goes:


  • Comes with a bunch of exercise programs to help you succeed
  • Exercise programs can be modified to suit your needs
  • Even distribution of traction because of the dual silicone tubes of the DSS System
  • Minimal slippage experienced, even during strenuous activity
  • Comfort pads for enhanced effectiveness during long-term wear
  • Exclusive circulation-promoting design for improved cytokinesis
  • Made from durable, hypoallergenic materials
  • Comes with a warranty from the manufacturer


  • It may not fit men with extremely small penises
  • Takes some getting used to, especially for newbies
  • May be more expensive than most penis extension devices
  • Lots of assembly required
  • Warranty does not cover a lack of penile growth

Unlike some extension devices that I’ve used in the past, the high-dollar QEP is not covered by major insurance companies despite being backed by medical science, nor is it equipped with any spare parts or replacement pieces. You’ll have to get those things directly from the manufacturer and I hope you don’t have to because they’re kind of expensive. Be sure to register your warranty within 30 days of the purchase date or you’ll be sorry, especially if anything breaks, doesn’t fit or needs replacing.

My Quick Extender Pro Results

I won’t sit here and tell you that the Quick Extender Pro made all my dreams come true. I’m still going to be looking around for bigger and better things because there were a few areas where the QEP lacked. Like I said, it wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world but that was probably because I applied too much traction to start out with. Over time, I learned how to find a balance between the adjustable snugness of the strapping system and the adjustable pull of the device itself. Once that was accomplished, I had to recant my original statement about the device not being cozy. It was then that my major complaint was in the overall effectiveness of the machine.

Having learned a few tips since then, I think things may have been different had I used the right lotions and fed myself properly throughout the process. Manufacturers can only promise so much because the side effects of the contraption are solely dependent upon how you use it and the shape of your body when you begin. Therefore, I can’t really knock the QEP for much besides the fact that it’s sort of difficult to assemble at first and requires daily maintenance for at least a few months. However, that seems to be the trend among penis extenders these days so I guess I’ll deal with it. I swear, I’m ready for a true quick fix to my short dick. The name of this thing is somewhat misleading.

Either way, I experienced about a half-inch of growth within the first couple weeks of using the Quick Extender Pro and I suppose that’s fast enough. My mother would call me greedy for wanting more, yet the machine kept making my dick longer one millimeter at a time. When all was said and done, my shlong has grown about an inch and a half in length and grew nearly a quarter inch in girth. The next step was to show it off to my lover, but they were no longer around because my dick had been strapped inside this device for so long. I had to take some male enhancement supplements to boost my libido and enhance my stamina after not fucking for weeks, but the combination of the MEP and the QEP was A-OK to me (and her).

The Overview

I’d suggest the Quick Extender Pro penis extension device to any man who considers himself at least a moderately experienced dude when it comes to penile growth, microtears and mitosis. It’s definitely not a product I’d recommend for newcomers, nor is it ideal for guys who have extremely small dicks or cocks that can’t get erect. This thing is perfect for men with Peyronie’s Disease though and it can be worn day in and day out, so there’s that. I wouldn’t use it if I didn’t have the patience to adjust every little piece of the puzzle, but fortunately I do. Either way you look at it, there’s always a price to pay when you want to change anything about your natural body. So, it makes sense that this contraption would have unique pros and cons that need to be considered ahead of time. That’s just the way life goes, bros.

Top 5 Best Penis Extenders (Stretchers) On The Market In 2020 – Reviews & Discounts

The human penis: An exceptional organ that’s been worshipped and worked on since the dawn of our existence. It comes in many shapes and sizes, with characteristics as unique as the man carrying it. Aside from the normal variability that comes with being an individual, however, there are several other factors that can play a part in how large a man’s penis ends up being by the time he’s an adult. Even then, though, measurements can change drastically depending on how the man lives his life and what he’s exposed to. Compared to other primates, the human penis is supposed to be the longest and thickest relative to the rest of the body. It’s no wonder, then, why so many men have a hard time accepting a small or misshapen shlong.

The struggle for a better-looking penis has been going on for millennia. It wasn’t too long ago that men were fashioning common household items into makeshift penis extenders, the likes of which would scare the daylights out of guys like us. One frightening example of the lengths our ancient ancestors would go to extend their penis was recently uncovered in Europe. It involved a long piece of rope, a large weight, and tons of pain from the looks of it. Men would apparently tie the weighted rope to the ends of their main vein and then walk around like that in hopes of experiencing growth. It was an embarrassing yet innovative time in our history, but it eventually led to bigger and better things (literally).

Fast-forward a few decades and you’ll find a wide variety of devices all promising the same thing – significant penile growth that’s proportionate to your body type and/or the way you use the machine. You’ll also find more research on the topic of penis extension than ever before, with information pertaining to everything from the average starting size to the average expected growth from an extender and everything in between. What used to be seen as a mysterious organ is now revered with the respect and dignity it rightfully deserves. Meanwhile, partners are getting more satisfaction during sex and men are gaining the confidence they’ve always been fighting for. The future is now.

What Is a Penis Extender?

Put simply, penis extenders are specialized mechanical devices designed to extend the length and/or girth of the male genitalia, usually through the application of adjustable traction during long-term wear. Commonly used in both engineering and corrective medicine, traction is safe and effective for numerous things in the modern-day world. In terms of penile growth and extension, however, it’s considered a safe and natural way to increase penile cell production while preventing the need for male enhancement supplements or potentially dangerous drugs. Therefore, devices that use traction can do much in the way of helping some men create the crotch they’ve always wanted.

Back in the day, guys would do some pretty questionable things to their penis in hopes of making it grow. In fact, archaeologists recently discovered countless relics of rudimentary contraptions proving that fact. According to their research, it now seems that desperate men would tie weighted ropes to the ends of their genitalia and wear the device around for several hours. The beginnings of traction devices were born with their innovation, but it would be many centuries before society would consider tools like that with any seriousness. Once the taboo was lifted, contemporary penis extension devices started coming in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

At this juncture in human history, the self-pleasure and self-improvement markets have both exploded and joined forces to create some of the world’s most unique penile enhancement products. Consumers are suddenly privy to a huge selection of devices, each with its own pros, cons, purposes, and promises to either accept or deny. Once upon a time, growth getups could only be obtained through a doctor’s orders. After that, it would take several more years before the taboo was finally lifted. Fortunately, help came in the form of finely tuned devices that were as comfortable as they were effective. Now, penis extending machines are taken seriously by a vast percentage of the global population.

Do Penis Extenders Really Work?

Today’s top-rated devices work by applying a sustained pull to the penile muscle tissue through an effective method called traction, remember? Well, that’s the same exact technique used by surgeons to straighten and/or maintain the position of a broken bone. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe and practical, the addition of traction to modern-day extension devices for the penis is what revolutionized the market and put us on the penis-friendly path we’re on right now. After all, it’s a proven powerful force and it can be applied to various parts of the body with causing injury or irritation.

Manufacturers of these miracle machines no longer get to make empty claims to consumers without repercussion. Through the turmoil we’ve learned many things about our bodies. So, most legitimate devices now come backed with clinical studies and medical research to ensure maximum product satisfaction. A few even offer a money-back guarantee if nothing significant happens, while a handful of others promise noticeable results only if the device is used as directed (which typically includes submission to a rigorous exercise program). Either way, penis extenders generally out-perform male enhancement supplements as the most effective natural option – safer than surgery and way better than getting scammed by an enlargement pill.

TIP: If you enjoy the side effects of your male enhancement products and don’t wish to stop, be sure to take them in tandem with an enlargement program to keep your testosterone levels high and optimize your results.

Who Are These Penis Traction Devices Made For?

No longer viewed as the kind of mechanism that’s strictly for mayhem or medicine, even the models that are made under the rigorous scrutiny of doctors can sometimes be purchased and used without a prescription. Because of their general effectiveness and overall user-friendliness, high-end penis extension devices are frequently used by men from all walks of life and for numerous purposes, including but not always limited to the following three:

  • To Grow Penis Length

The main reason why most men use these devices is to increase the length and/or girth of their penis in a safe, natural and non-invasive way. And while results tend to vary widely, a vast majority of users see a dramatic improvement in their genital appearance and performance after only a short time. That improvement thereby leads to the other reasons why men spend so much money on traction-based penile tissue extenders.

  • To Increase Sexual Satisfaction

When your penis looks and acts the way you want it to, it’s much easier to enjoy sex and/or masturbation on your own terms. However, some “instant” solutions can do more harm than good and for that reason, millions of men use these devices to increase their level of orgasmic satisfaction over time. In fact, the final results often provided by these devices can significantly enhance the love lives of both the wearer and their lucky partner.

  • To Correct Penile Health Problems

For millions of men worldwide, their sexual health problems originate with penile problems like erectile dysfunction (ED) and/or Peyronie’s Disease (PD). Both issues can dramatically decrease the quality of a man’s sex life, sometimes causing a depletion in his self-confidence as a result. Relationships can be tough to sustain under those conditions as well, which is why tools like this come so highly recommended for those men.

Interestingly, extension devices for the penis are often used by men who are otherwise satisfied with their love lives and penis size. Like gentle erotic editing machines, high-quality extenders can sometimes fix what the eye can’t see. And with the right model, you might even be able to correct things that have been bothering you for a long time.

Can Penis Extenders Treat Peyronie’s Disease?

Please understand that there is no known cure for Peyronie’s Disease, or PD. The condition is defined as an unnatural or unwanted curvature of the penis, usually 45 degrees or more. It’s caused by scar tissue forming into a plaque inside the shaft and it can present as indentations, lumps, and other types of penile disfigurement besides curvature. And while it’s somewhat rare and not always a problem for the man experiencing it, PD can cause serious issues for his partner during sex and it may even make erections painful to get. In some cases, Peyronie’s Disease can negatively affect a man’s performance and thus destroy his confidence – a series of events that many penis extenders try to prevent.

The main cause of PD is still unknown, although there’s some speculation that it can originate from genetic precursors, age, lifestyle, and/or injuries to the pelvis or groin area. According to sexual health experts and urologists worldwide, however, Peyronie’s Disease is treatable with the right methodologies and timing. One such technique has been proven to be extremely effective at correcting penile curvature in a safe and natural way. It’s traction, the same force applied by industry-leading expansion devices to promote cellular growth and increased length/girth. Put simply, PD sufferers now have the upper hand with direct access to high-grade devices that are designed to correct curvature while simultaneously enhancing the penis size.

There are actually a handful of penile augmentation machines made specifically for the purpose of straightening the shaft, with overall growth only mentioned as a side note to the main idea. However, because serious devices almost always use traction as their primary power source and because traction is so effective on PD penises, virtually all extenders can be used to treat the condition and drugs or supplements are seldom required. This is especially true if the right model is chosen and used as directed by the manufacturer. Therein lies the problem for many consumers, though. It seems as though the number of manufacturers has risen significantly over the last few years, leaving a vast majority of the male population at a loss for direction.

The Top 5 Best Penis Extenders on the Market In 2020:

Countless studies have been conducted thus far on the efficacy and safety of augmentation devices for the human penis because, quite frankly, it was obvious we were never going to stop until something got figured out. The results of those studies were as shocking as they were comforting, with one group of experts from Italy coming to the conclusion that these tools are minimally invasive and ideal for elongating or straightening the penile shaft. Their research was completed way back in 2008, which puts more than a decade between their initial announcement and the development of even better products.

In response to the overwhelming public support, our market has become flooded with viable options for men from every walk of life. The best models now are made out of high-end materials under strict production standards, with a cult following that originates from the overall user-friendliness of the device itself. Here are the industry’s top 5 best examples:

#1 The Quick Extender Pro

The Quick Extender Pro, or QEP, is a top-rated device used by men all over the world. It’s designed for both penile enlargement and curvature correction, with dimensions and components made for countless body types. Considered a viable solution to several sexual health woes, this product guarantees results in as little as a few short months by using powerful traction applied directly to the penile tissues. Based on the research that went into its development, the QEP is said to increase the size of the user’s penis by 32% or more when used as directed by the manufacturer.

This device is not only extremely effective because of its cleverly balanced use of traction but it’s also considered one of the most comfortable penis augmenters because of the patented Double Strap Support (DSS) system. What that consists of is a series of comfortable, non-irritating, adjustable straps aimed at maximizing the amount of tension applied to the shaft and tip of the wearer’s penis. That, in turn, increases the possible length and width growth while simultaneously ensuring optimal comfort, especially during long-term use. It’s therefore speculated that the dual application of such effective methodologies (tension and precision positioning) is what makes Quick Extender Pro so popular. In fact, the results of the QEP are now backed by thousands of satisfied customers.

Perhaps it’s because the device offers quick and painless enlargement and/or curvature correction while being affordable for most modern-day men that it’s earned such a lofty reputation. It further helps the cause that this wearable mechanism is also crafted out of lightweight, medical-grade aluminum that’s both durable and hypoallergenic, plus it comes with a warranty from the manufacturer and a 6-month money-back guarantee as well (which basically means you can try it risk free). Best of all, the device is designed not to interfere with your everyday activities, allowing men to wear it under loose-fitting clothes for long periods of time if they so choose.


  • Forces mitosis and cytokinesis
  • Ideal for overnight wear
  • Offers proportional length and girth increases
  • Comes with numerous accessories
  • Packaged in an attractive presentation box


  • May not fit all body types


#2 The Andropenis Extension System

Andropenis was developed by a team of doctors and scientists to assuage the woes of men suffering from Peyronie’s Disease (PD). However, after several years in development, the manufacturer began producing a three-part series of extenders aimed at doing more than straightening an unwanted curve. Their impressive collection now includes two specialized devices designed specifically for men who want to increase the length and/or girth of their penis. These small and discreet products fit easily under loose-fitting clothes while adding traction force to the shaft and head at varying strengths. On the top setting, this medical-grade contraption can apply up to 1500 grams (or 3.3 pounds) of pressure on the wearer’s penile tissues.

The maker says the magic is performed throughout the day as the device continually works to increase cellular division and repair, thus eventual growth and/or curvature correction. The device comes with a rigorous daily routine for users to follow, with instructions on how to pinpoint the suspensory ligament, corpus cavernosum and other critical tissues. Andropenis even comes with a free sexual health e-book to help readers grasp the fundamentals of natural penis enhancement through traction alone. Results are promised as permanent because they’re based on industry-leading traction therapies, plus the brand is known as one of the most comfortable on the market because of their patented AndroComfort system, their exclusive AndroDynamo sliding pressure system, and their one-of-a-kind AndroRods that let you fully customize the fit of the device.

All components are made in the United States and Europe under strict production standards, with a two-month money-back guarantee on all their skin-safe, metal and silicone components. The additional AndroSupport feature lets users customize the curvature of their penis, and the AndroGold provides stylish sophistication to an otherwise lackluster device with its 24-karat gold accents on the surface. Customers of Andropenis don’t just get a bigger and better penis, they also get complimentary medical support and access to a large kit full of tailorable accessories and replacement parts – all contained within a convenient box that features a carrying case buried deep inside.


  • Provides fast and permanent results
  • Specialized band to spread pressure evenly over glans
  • Customizable levels of mitosis and cytokinesis
  • Most effective for Peyronie’s Disease
  • Comes with numerous accessories


  • May be too complex for some users

#3 The PHALLOSAN Forte

When the PHALLOSAN Forte penis enlargement system was first introduced to the market, it was immediately hoisted to the top of man a man’s list. Its development came after years of clinical research on the male genitalia, with hardware and components that are now synonymous with diligent craftsmanship and industry-leading durability. It’s available without a prescription and recommended by doctors around the world. In fact, one of its leading endorsers is the prestigious Dr. Clemens Tilke, the man who personally prepared a study and analyzed the findings regarding PF’s results. As it turns out, this somewhat complex mechanism can produce significant penile growth in as little as six months.

Despite being regarded as an extender for casual use, PHALLOSAN Forte is currently available in pharmacies and doctor’s offices as well as online and at most adult entertainment stores. It’s so effective at correcting unnatural curvature and elongating the penis that many insurance companies cover its use on their general healthcare policies, especially for men suffering from Peyronie’s Disease, micro penis or erectile dysfunction (ED). When used as directed by the manufacturer (which includes daily exercises that can be tracked through a free downloadable smart phone app), this heavy-duty yet discreet device promises to increase the length and girth of the wearer’s penis by several inches – all without causing pain and without supplements and/or topical ointments.

Everything on the PHALLOSAN Forte model is made out of medical-grade silicone, a material known for its gentle, hypoallergenic properties. Once properly fitted using the metal telescopes and exclusive security system, men can then wear the device overnight or during the day under loose-fitting clothes for hours on end. The mechanism is made to be positioned on either side of the groin, meaning it’s uniquely suited for guys with sideways curvature or issues sleeping while the device is in place. Best of all, it comes with an adjustable security belt, access to round the clock customer service, and several accessories to make your experience as effective as possible.


  • Silicone protector cap for comfortable extended wear
  • Suitable for all penis sizes
  • Integrated suction pump and tension gauge
  • Progress tracker provided
  • Provides quick, semi-permanent/permanent results


  • Risk of penile strangulation via the security loop

#4 The X4 Labs Extender

At first glance, the X4 Labs penis extender looks like a more complex version of what higher-end models have already achieved. Upon closer inspection, however, most consumers will notice that this device is one of the most user-friendly enlargement tools on today’s market, with the same number of moving parts and accessories as the majority of its competition but with a much better execution thereof. This device is also available in eight different versions, each with its own unique design and purpose. As a matter of fact, it’s that commitment to quick and easy customization that has made the manufacturer a household name.

Depending on the model you choose – five of which are made specifically for penis enlargement while three are crafted for curvature correction – the features will vary slightly. However, the main use of strong, constant traction is never compromised regardless. The manufacturer also tries hard to make sure the device is comfortable to wear, especially for the long run. Packages are sold with specialized comfort sleeves and a sturdy silicone cock ring is thrown in for good measure. Designed for all penis shapes and sizes, each model comes with eight different positioning slots on the harness for optimized security and traction magnification. By the way, the skin-safe harness houses two support straps, two silicone tubes, and UltraFit Velcro clasps that are guaranteed never to irritate the skin.

The entire package comes ready for use in an attractive container, complete with a user’s guide filled with tips and tricks on how to make the device perform at its best. With the most luxurious option, consumers get access to the maker’s flagship penis pump as well, making penile enlargement quicker, easier, and more enjoyable in an instant. Whether looking for painless penis growth or searching for a straighter shlong, the X4 Labs device may very well be what the doctor ordered if it’s used as directed and concurrently for several months.


  • Free device offered to customers who participate in a clinical study*
  • Memory foam pads included for extreme support and comfort
  • Works well with male enhancement products
  • Money-back guarantee provided
  • Suitable for all body types


  • May be difficult to find the right fit or position

#5 The Penimaster

As the world’s most traditional-looking penis extension device, the Penimaster comes in two different models – the original and the PRO – both of which use industry-leading technology to promise an elongation to the penile tissues and within just a few short months. The pair can also help with unnatural correct curvature while improving the quality of the user’s erections and enlarging the glans, as proven in the numerous clinical studies conducted on each device. With proper use and regular exercise, men will most likely notice a bigger penis circumference as well. It’s all accomplished through an unregulated fitting system and a customizable amount of traction applied to the shaft.

The device comes with a threaded rod as its primary aperture, making it easy for wearers to quickly adjust the strength of the device’s pull with the simple twist of a knob. There’s even a safety clip provided to ensure maximum expose to the penile tissues while the positive-locking fixation of the glans ensures optimal growth simultaneously – no slipping included. Men can adjust their experience using the PeniMaster PRO belt extender system (sold separately). The extra investment is ideal for people with mobility problems or secrets to keep, most because it allows users to secure the contraption on their waist, shoulders, or knees.

Officially considered a legitimate medical device by the majority of the male market, albeit available online without a prescription, this device and all its spare parts and accessories come capable of serving up to 7.6kg of traction force directly to the penis. Plus, the PeniMaster PRO model can be worn overnight if it’s positioned correctly and used as directed. When responsibly paired with a high-quality male enhancement supplement, a routine exercise program, and/or a healthy lifestyle, this thing can increase the size and edit the shape of the average male genitalia with or without a clever tracking device, downloadable app or celebrity endorsement.


  • Extra wide security belt for all body types
  • Clinically proven effective for growth and correction
  • Often used for therapeutic applications
  • Ideal for post-op penile/prostate patients
  • Provides fast and permanent results


  • May be difficult to find the ideal components

There are obviously more penis extenders on the market than the five mentioned above, but somehow devices with this kind of quality are still few and far between. Use your best judgment when picking one out or consult a buying guide if need be. If you’re unsure how an enlargement tool will affect your sexual health or performance, talk to your doctor for more information.

A Quick Buying Guide for Penis Stretchers

It may be tough for the average guy to determine which device is best. Comparing all the finer points of each model can be extremely taxing on the brain and body, leaving many men unsure of exactly how to spend their hard-earned money. Here are a few things consumers should look at, search for or consider when they’re in the market for mechanical, traction-based penis enhancement products:

  • The Dimensions

Not all extenders are made the same. Check the overall size and shape of each device to be sure it’s conducive with your needs, especially if you suffer from Peyronie’s Disease or have a micro penis. For best results, carefully measure the size of your genitals when flaccid and erect before selecting your ideal product.

  • The Adjustability

It’s important for an extension device that gets strapped directly to the penis and then worn for several hours each and every day to be extremely comfortable. It’s also vital that the device grow with the man using it. Adjustable straps and fittings are ideal for this reason, so try not to settle for less.

  • The Materials

Although most modern-day models are made from hypoallergenic materials, it’s still a good idea to double check before deciding. Stick with things like silicone, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), stainless steel, precious metals or a patented polycarbonate blend of durable, skin-safe ingredients. Doing so will ensure quality, prevent allergic reactions and allow for the use of several different types of lube.

  • The Accessories

You’ll notice that most extenders come with a wide variety of accessories, replacement parts and adjustable features. That’s because the maker usually wants them to perform as a one-size-fits-all device. As convenient as that is, it may cause some devices to be too complicated for the casual user. To avoid the trappings of choice, pick something that’s made exclusively for a specific penis size or type.

  • The Functionality

Keep in mind that each extender will operate differently, with varying degrees of complexity and effectiveness depending on the overall design, the adjustability components, and the user’s willingness to follow instructions to the letter (including sometimes adhering to rigorous exercise programs). Beginners are almost always urged to choose more simplified models to ensure optimal results and lessened frustration. Choose an extender with great customer service if nothing else.

There are a few things you’ll want to know about yourself and/or your partner before making a final decision on a new penis extension device. Most manufacturers assume you already know this information, so make sure you do:

  • Your Skin Type

You may have sensitivities and/or allergies that you don’t even know about. Long-term wear of a penis extender is the wrong time to find out about it. Know your skin type or stick with hypoallergenic devices to prevent a reaction. For best results, keep your device clean at all times and use only water-based lubes to put it on or take it off.

  • Your Growth Goals

These devices are often guaranteed to produce noticeable results within a matter of weeks or months, but that doesn’t mean the amount of growth will always be the same. Some extenders only offer a few centimeters of elongation or expansion, marketed as gentle or ideal for beginners. More advanced contraptions can offer more growth, so be sure to know what your goals are ahead of time.

  • Your Total Budget

Keep in mind that your initial investment in a penis extender may not cover everything you need to get started or reach your growth goals. Make sure your budget as flexible as possible, with plenty of room left for spare parts, replacement pieces, lubrication, device cleaning materials, and storage (if it’s not already included).

Penis Extender FAQ

Q: Does it hurt when I put one of these things on?

A: For the most part, extension devices for the penis are not supposed to hurt in any way when they’re put on properly. A majority of models even come with specialized comfort components to help ensure that fact, but it’s important to note that there’s often some slight discomfort associated with using a penis extender (especially for the first time). Because traction applies direct and constant pulling pressure to the user’s penile tissues and because many of these contraptions require long-term wear for several months at a time, men should utilize the customization options accordingly.

Q: How long can I wear one of these things without suffering negative consequences?

A: The length of time required to see significant penile growth or curvature correction can vary widely from one user to another and depends heavily on the type of device being used. Be sure to read the instructions provided with your device for more information. Usually, extensions to the penis are achieved through routine use of the chosen tool, often for hours at a time. As a general rule, if you’re not in pain then it should be perfectly alright to wear an extender for as long as you desire (unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer).

Q: Can I go to the bathroom with one of these devices on my penis?

A: Most extenders allow the wearer to relieve himself throughout the day or night using specialized designs and ergonomic hole placements to suffice a multitude of penile activities – all without requiring the device to be removed for a single second. It is crucial, however, for users to note the importance of cleanliness. Always wipe down or rinse the device after using the bathroom with the device in place.

Q: Can I go to sleep while wearing an extender on my penis?

A: Some penis extenders are designed for overnight wear but that’s not the case with them all. Overnight wear can increase the effectiveness of the device by a tremendous margin, but it’s not generally considered safe unless the mechanism is designed specifically for that purpose. Check the owner’s manual for more information before wearing your extender while you sleep. Also, keep in mind that you may experience slight difficulty getting comfortable, especially if you like to sleep on your stomach.

Q: Can I have sex if I’m using an extension device?

A: Most extenders allow the wearer to enjoy ejaculation throughout the day or night using specialized designs and ergonomic hole placements to suffice a multitude of penile activities – all without requiring the device to be removed for a single second. It is crucial, however, for users to note the importance of cleanliness. Always wipe down or rinse the device after getting off with the device in place. Also note that it may be difficult, if not impossible, to stimulate the penile shaft tissues when the device is in place.

Q: Do I need to use a lubricant and if so, what kind?

A: Men who use these devices will often reach for a bottle of personal lubricant to help get the contraption on or off their penis. Lube can also help decrease the amount of irritation experienced during long-term wear. Whatever the case may be, users are always urged to choose a lubricant that’s compatible with the device’s materials. In general, water-based varieties are recommended most, although silicone-based and oil-based lubes are sometimes appropriate with the right materials. Please note that condoms are never suggested during penis extension exercises as they may significantly decrease the effects of traction.

Q: How do I know whether the device will fit me or not?

A: Today’s extender is generally made to fit all body types through adjustable components and comfort-keeping strapping systems. However, the size and shape of the penis housing unit is what concerns men the most. While straps and buckles can help make an otherwise ill-fitting extender feel more comfortable, the most important measurement is that of the penile chamber. Look for a device that offers plenty of room for your penis to sit while providing ample space for it to grow. If things go according to plan, you’ll need those extra inches within the next few weeks. For best results, measure your penis while it’s flaccid and erect to get a good gauge on its average size. If all else fails, purchase an extender that’s designed as a one-size-fits-all device.

Q: What should I do if my extender starts slipping off in the middle of me wearing it?

A: If you’ve carefully vetted a penis extender and only spend money on ones that are properly fitted and/or adjustable, slippage should not be a problem for you. If, however, things start to go awry after you’ve positioned your device, simply unhook all the components and start again. It could be that you’ve put on too much lube, or maybe you’ve got some of the straps too loose/tight. Remember, extenders that begin to slip almost always fall off and that can be very painful if it happens too fast. So, don’t get too cocky about the fit until you’ve walked around a bit and have made the proper adjustments.

Q: Are these things as complicated to assemble and use as they look?

A: Consumers are often faced with making a choice between simplicity and efficacy. For the most part, modern-day penis extension devices are made for effectiveness, not necessarily user-friendliness. However, it’s possible to find something that has the best of both worlds. Fortunately, every single contraption in this category offers a detailed user’s manual with instructions on how to assemble, disassemble, clean and maintain the product. As long as you can read and comprehend the directions as they are presented, penis extenders can be a quick and easy way to improve your penile condition in the comfort of your own home. Granted, most of the top-rated models come with a ton of accessories and spare parts, but most of that stuff isn’t needed until later.

Q: Is there any special way I need to store my device when I’m not wearing it?

A: Specific storage instructions should be provided with your device if it’s made by a reputable company. In fact, many manufacturers even offer compact carrying cases for their extenders. Those that don’t come with such accoutrements can be easily stowed away in a nightstand, bedside drawer or closet – anywhere that’s out of direct sunlight and extreme hot or cold temperatures. This is especially important for device that are made from heat-sensitive materials such as silicone, metal or plastic. And unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer, try not to get your device near water.

Q: How do I clean and maintain my penis extender?

A: All extending machines for the penis are made differently, with unique maintenance requirements set out by the manufacturer. In general, however, most models can be quickly cleaned up with a simple warm water bath using a nonabrasive, skin-safe soap. Higher-end devices may require additional steps including the application of material renewal powders and/or the use of specialized sex toy cleaning solutions. Be sure to check the owner’s manual for specific information on how to properly clean and maintain your device.

Q: What do I do if the device breaks or malfunctions in any way?

A: A lot of today’s best-selling extenders come with warranties and/or money-back guarantees from the manufacturer. And while the coverages don’t always include protection against things like negligence, genetic predisposition, and product comfort, consumers can still take advantage of repair and replacement policies that prevent them from losing money on faulty products. If your device is covered by a warranty and it breaks for any reason, contact customer service as soon as possible. You should have registered your product’s warranty within 30 days of the purchase date.

Q: What happens when I outgrow my device because it works so well?

A: Many times, a penis extender will be designed to accommodate several inches of penis growth without needing replaced. However, some models are made in a series, meaning men will often have to purchase several different devices until they’ve reached their ultimate goal. I should be noted that extreme growth and the requirement for updated devices is a very good sign, and some manufacturers even offer a discount to returning customers. Unfortunately, there is no known return policy for products that are no longer needed, so you’ll have to get creative about disposal when you’re all done.

Q: Can I use my extender on more than one penis?

A: Technically, these devices can be used on any penis on earth and not necessarily one at a time. Same-sex couples looking to grow their penises simultaneously can realistically share a device until the time comes to buy a second one. However, there are certain hygienic issues that come along with more than one user. Never swap devices without properly cleaning and drying it first. Remember also that long-term wear is often the best policy, so sharing time in an extender might be somewhat counterproductive and complicate things for no good reason.

Q: Will people be able to tell I’m wearing an extender if I go out in public?

A: Seeing as most of these devices need to be worn for several hours at a time and for months on end, many of them have been designed to fit discreetly under loose-fitting clothes. If you plan to venture out of the house while under the power of a penis extender, wear something that flows away from the skin and refrain from sitting down with your legs spread apart.