Max Performer Review: A Brand New Sex Pill On The Block. Is It Worth Your Time?

After having experienced more embarrassing nights than I care to admit, I figured it was time to rethink my approach to sex. As a man, it’s only natural for me to act too proud when it comes to my dick and its behavior. Our disabilities aren’t usually broadcast for all the world to hear but I deemed it necessary because of the kinds of things that happened to my body after ingesting a few doses of Max Performer. Granted, I’ve got a lot going on in my love life and, sure, my reproductive system is already in pretty good shape, but I think it’s time for us all to admit that the modern-day world has significantly reduced our collective ability to cum. Had it not been for products like this, we’d all be reduced to humping pillows because we couldn’t keep a mate.

With that said, there was no shame in my game as I swallowed up the recommended dosage of MP pills. My head was clear and my time was valuable, so I kept detailed notes as I sped through the bottle which, by the way, contained 30 doses. I don’t know about you, but that’s enough for me to have amazing orgasms every single night for a month straight. If this shit works, I thought to myself, then I will have discovered the fountain of fucking youth. If it doesn’t work, the manufacturer gives out a satisfaction guarantee so I had nothing to worry about anyway. Here’s how it all went down.

What Is Max Performer?

Like most MEPs on the market these days, Max Performer is a highly curated male enhancement supplement that’s made with high-grade ingredients under strict production regulations. Its contents consist of proven organics that have been shown to affect the human body in numerous positive ways when the product is used as intended. As for Mr. Max here, his ingredients help men boost their self-confidence through experiencing an all-natural improvement to their sexual stamina, erection strength, and arousal levels. Originally created with the average man in mind, this stuff ended up being the most potent pill in the industry at one point.

The Ingredient Breakdown

Its potency has a lot to do with the kinds and quantities of the ingredients within each dose. The proprietary blend has withstood countless imitators over the years, with most formulations ending up too strong or too weak for casual consumers. It seems as though Max Performer was the lucky discoverer of the perfect ingredient combination and they’ve been riding on their success ever since. For your information, here’s what’s inside the bottle:

  • Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed had been used for centuries to enhance a man’s virility, but only recently have scientists been able to determine how the ingredient works. It turns out that the substance inhibits the release of a libido-killing hormone called PDE5 which, in turn, increases testosterone production and boosts blood flow to the penis.

  • Maca

Categorized as a natural aphrodisiac despite being good for a bunch of things, maca is an herb that fights muscle fatigue and boosts energy through the harnessing of phytochemicals. It’s been found to boost stamina, restore healthy hormone levels (especially after ejaculation), and increase sperm production as well. Best of all, it has the power to enhance the quality of your orgasm as a result.

  • Red Korean Ginseng

Red Korean Ginseng is most commonly used for its stress reducing abilities and its power to significantly increase energy levels without causing uncomfortable side effects. And while there is no solid evidence that the substance affects sexuality, users claim that RKG throws their libido into overdrive while providing the enhanced endurance levels to go with it.

  • Cordyceps

Extracted from a mushroom, this fine fungus derivative increases oxygen intake throughout the entire body, including the reproductive system. This side effect helps reduce recovery time, boost sexual stamina, and maximize tissue expansion. The inclusion of Cordyceps into a MEP is a genius move, especially if the substance is combined with other effective ingredients.

  • Selenium

Selenium is an antioxidant that’s commonly included in daily vitamins and meal replacement supplements. It’s placed in male enhancement products, however, because it can help reduce the symptoms of ED (erectile dysfunction) while reducing the amount of libido-ruining oxidative stress in the body. This, in turn, enhances the experience in its entirety.

  • Zinc

This substance is absolutely necessary for proper body function but its especially important for bodies that undergo extreme physical stimulation. Zinc is responsible for testosterone and sperm production plus cellular recovery speeds, meaning it directly affects the quality of your orgasm and the longevity of your erections. With proper amounts of zinc, no MEP would be worth its salt.

  • Bioperine

Bioperine has just recently been recognized as an effective ingredient for modern-day male enhancement pills. Its primary job is to optimize the absorption of the other ingredients, basically making it the glue that holds everything to together. In short, it ensures the benefit of the product’s formulation while also increasing blood flow to the penis and boosting stamina.

Our Max Performer Results

Now that I’ve got all the data out of the way I can start talking shop. I know from experience that every single MEP manufacturer is going to tell me that their product is the best. I also know that a pill can contain every single one of the ingredients listed above and still be a crappy capsule. I didn’t take it easy on Max Performer pills because, to be honest, I’m tired of all the hype. Fortunately for those guys, these magic beans made a positive impact on my partner.

At first, however, I didn’t like the fact the many of the ingredients are “supposedly” effective but not proven by any kind of science. Snake oils are so 1999. Still, most of the contents are minimally reactive in any negative way and that was made apparent with every new dose. I really never experienced any horrible side effects besides maybe an erection that lasted longer than my lover. That, my friends, is a good problem to have though.

Each dose took about 20 minutes to become effective in my body, but I’m sure everyone is different. I like to take my pills on an empty stomach so the ingredients reach my blood stream faster. You might try that if you’re getting impatient. Also, expect a surge of virility for about an hour or so, depending on your physical fitness and the intensity of your activities. My advice is to combine this powerful pill with a penis pump, cock ring or automatic masturbation machine to enhance and perfect your approach, stamina, and skills.

The Pros and Cons

Nothing is perfect and everyone is unique, which means MEPs have to be different from one another to accommodate the needs that come with diversity. As such, no male enhancement pill will fit the bill for all people. You’ve got to take the good with the bad, but you also have to know what you’re getting into head of time. Here are the most important pros and cons of using Max Performer, at least in my humble opinion:


  • Potent and fast-acting formulation
  • Enough in each bottle to support good sex for a month
  • Available in several “package deals”
  • Made from safe, all-natural ingredients
  • Comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee


  • Side effects go away when you stop taking doses
  • Large pills may be hard to swallow for some people
  • Not all ingredients are scientifically proven effective

On the bright side, the bottles are extremely durable and topped with tamper-proof lids so you can take them just about anywhere you go. The price is subject to change quite a bit though, so check the website often. As of now, I haven’t found another male enhancement product that works quite as well (or as quickly) as Max Performer.

The Overview

Most male enhancement pills on today’s market contain the same basic ingredients, many of which have not been approved for safety and efficacy by the FDA nor scientifically backed by unquestionable evidence. It’s hard telling if that will ever happen, probably because the pharmaceutical industry has yet to corner an unnatural combination of ingredients to exploit the public with. Meanwhile, natural MEPs like Max Performer are shunned or ignored because of their proprietary blends and that’s a damn shame. I don’t know how this stuff will affect every man who takes it, but I know for a fact that it worked for me.

No, it doesn’t make your dick any bigger than it naturally is but that’s the thing: Regular erections don’t always show off your cock’s true potential. Using organic substances to increase blood flow and boost sexual stamina is a good thing and it can result in a much more substantial boner if you use it as directed. You don’t have to a genius, a porn star or the luckiest man on earth to have amazing orgasms. You just need a good MEP and Max Performer might possibly be it.

VigRx Plus Review: The Ingredients, Results & Side Effects

Everyone wants to have great sex but some people don’t have what it takes to perform in a way that produces extremely intense orgasms. Whether a man is dealing with erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, premature ejaculation, a small penis, Peyronie’s disease or otherwise, his desire to improve sensations and bolster his libido is perfectly natural. In fact, men have been seeking out the best possible male enhancement products (or MEPs) since the beginning of time. How else do you think we figured out which ingredients worked and which ones didn’t? Fortunately, the trial-and-error period is finally over and we now have some pretty remarkable products at our disposal.

Most MEPs on the market today help men naturally increase their sex drive while providing improvements to their erectile potency and longevity. Some even claim to increase the size of a man’s penis but skeptics (and experts) both have their doubts about the validity of those claims. Products like VigRX Plus make millions off of unsuspecting consumers who don’t know any better by promising amazing results like that. So, I figured I’d test the stuff out for myself and discover once and for all who’s telling the truth and who’s ripping people off. They better come with their A-game.

What Is VigRX Plus?

According to the manufacturer, this stuff is specially formulated with a proprietary blend of safe and natural ingredients to produce gentle yet effective enhancements to male sexuality and the bodily systems which support it. The maker boasts three complementary products that work in unison to improve the user’s bedroom experience but the pills can be ingested independently of the other two products, so I’ll focus my attention there. With that said, it seems that this little pill has the power to plump our penises like no dietary supplement in the history of mankind ever has. Could we be dealing with a record-breaking product here and, if so, why hasn’t everybody heard about it by now?

They say to consumers that their desires for effective male enhancement are no longer unattainable, plus they make mention of bonus side effects which include the following:

  • Increased sexual stamina levels
  • Disappearing erectile dysfunction
  • New penile cell development
  • Boosted penis size
  • Improved libido
  • More intense sensations
  • Longer lasting intercourse

Based on their claims, the manufacturer had better include some pretty powerful stuff in their little “proprietary blend” or else none of those things will be possible. As a matter of fact, I had my doubts about all of them if I’m being completely honest.

How Does It Work?

These pills work much like most of the other MEPs on the market – they accelerate the transmission of blood to the groin and reproductive organs, often resulting in bigger erections, more substantial hard-ons, longer-lasting lovemaking sessions, and increased pleasure during sex. The ingredients in each bottle cause penile tissues to become filled with a fresh source of pulsating go-juice (AKA: a natural mixture of blood and hormones), thereby encouraging the development of brand-new cells. That increase in cellular growth can subsequently result in a temporarily enlarged dick if your body responds to the proprietary blend according to the manufacturer’s plan.

By the way, the plan is apparently to help men like me and you gain several centimeters of length and girth on our jock straps while simultaneously improving the way we have sex, how we feel about making love, and the type of pleasure we derive from it. In no small way do high-quality MEPs achieve that goal, and VigRX Plus is certainly no exception. So, while the pills work by rapidly changing the functionality of the body and reproductive system in numerous ways, the product does so in an extremely gentle yet effective way that’s seldom reactive to prescription medications.

The Main VigRx Plus Ingredients

Fortunately, the company has been around for quite some time, so their reputation for creating legit products is pretty solid. Their new formulation also includes a healthy helping (10mg) of Bioperine, or Piper Nigrum – a substance which optimizes the absorption of all other ingredients in the pill. I took the extra time to research the main ingredient blend and this is what I found:

  • 200mg of Saw Palmetto
  • 200mg of Damiana Extract
  • 200mg of Hawthorn Berry
  • 200mg of Panax Ginseng
  • 200mg of Ginko Biloba
  • 150mg of Tribulus Terrestris Vine
  • 100mg of Muira Puama Bark Extract
  • 100mg of Catuaba Bark Extract
  • 50mg of Cascuta Seed Extract
  • 30mg of Epimedium Leaf Extract

So, what does any of that even mean for the average man like you and me? Well, it means that there are some scientifically proven ingredients inside each capsule which may mean that the manufacturer’s claims are actually true. Either way, the amounts and potencies of this product’s ingredients also means it’s probably not a good option for newbies. Let’s briefly go over some of the side effects of these substances so you can better understand what I’m saying:

  • Saw Palmetto is used by people from all over the world and especially by sexually active men. Used as an ancient erection booster, the substance otherwise known as Serenoa Repens has even been applied topically to treat prostate hyperplasia, alopecia, and slow the aging process. It can also increase testosterone production if the dosage and absorption is just right.
  • Damiana Extract is commonly used by people for quick and efficient weight loss but it’s included in the VigRX Plus formula because it helps cure penile impotence while promoting a more substantial sexual performance through its natural aphrodisiac properties.
  • Hawthorn Berry is a popular ingredient in MEPs because it helps support waning energy levels during rigorous physical activity. The potent plant also speeds up the recovery process between orgasms and increases arousal to make the moment more memorable and longer lasting.
  • Panax Ginseng is used for dozens of reasons, but here it’s included to help support the user’s reproductive system functionality. It’s well-known for increasing sexual potency and boosting libido but scientists have recently discovered that’s good for treating erectile dysfunction and low sperm count as well.
  • Ginko Biloba is a naturally occurring aphrodisiac compound that’s commonly called nature’s alternative to Viagra. It also has numerous sexual health benefits, including increased blood circulation to the penis which leads to more substantial boners, more intense sexual sensations and higher peaks at orgasm.
  • Tribulus Terrestris Vine is a naturally derived substance that has been added into MEPs since the very first formulation was invented. It’s used to boost the user’s libido while also balancing their hormones and making them more receptive to internal and external stimulation.
  • Catuaba Bark Extract is a substance that has been used as a male enhancement tool for many centuries. It’s a powerful herb that helps increase the amount of pleasure a person feels while having sex and/or masturbating. That’s right, it’s so effective that it works on women’s bodily systems too.
  • Muira Puama Bark Extract is an ancient herbal supplement that can help alleviate pain while boosting sexual arousal. Considered an effective aphrodisiac, this stuff can be used by people of all ages and sensitivity levels because it’s so gentle on the body and seldom reacts to other medications.
  • Cascuta Seed Extract is an organic autoimmune booster that’s commonly used to treat acute bouts of premature ejaculation, plus it’s said to increase the user’s sexual arousal while supporting proper reproductive function.
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract is almost always included in male enhancement products because of its super potent aphrodisiac properties. Also known as Horny Goat Weed, the substance offers extremely quick side effects with minimal negative results.

Is It Safe to Use?

According to the maker, these are some of the safest pills on the market. The website says that they’re safe enough to be used as an alternative to all other pills, penis enlargement devices and surgeries, and while those claims may be a bit lofty in regards to how effective these little capsules are for dick enlargement I think it’s safe to say that the big V is ideal for men of all ages and with a wide range of starting points. In any event, the company gives you a complete money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t work as described (or if it causes unwanted or unlisted side effects), so at least there’s no real risk associated with its use.

When Should I Take the Pills?

As with most MEPs, it’s probably best to take the pills on an empty stomach. This helps the ingredients reach your blood stream more quickly and efficiently, thereby decreasing the amount of time it takes for you to feel the effects. It’s important to understand, however, that all male enhancement products are made differently. Be sure to check the label on the bottle to get more detailed information about when and how you should take each dose. Also, don’t forget to consult with your doctor if you’re unsure how the supplement will affect you.

Furthermore, knowing when to ingest your dosage is important for planning a sexual encounter. In general, MEP manufacturers suggest taking the pills about 15 to 20 minutes before engaging in sexual activity. Since your best option is to take the capsules on an empty stomach, it may be difficult to enjoy a dinner date if you expect to get laid. Either way, the presence of food on the belly increases the wait time only, meaning it doesn’t upset the side effects one bit. The good thing is that you’ll be able to refine your approach with every dosage as long as you’re paying close attention to how it affects you.

How Long Does It Take This Stuff to Work?

As mentioned, the typical dosage of VigRX Plus is said to take effect over a gradual period of time, usually somewhere between 30 and 60 days. For many men, the wait time is either shorter or longer depending on several factors, including but not limited to the following:

  • their starting point in terms of physical health
  • how well they followed the directions on the product’s label
  • whether they ate a meal before taking their pills

In my experience, the wait lasted only about 10 days before I started feeling a difference in my body. The sensations started deep within my groin and then radiated through my veins until my entire being was primed for the pussy. Within about 15 more days I started noticing a thicker erection, but at no point did I witness any serious growth to my penis from the product’s ingredients. Yes, it made me feel more virile and yes, I was able to last a lot longer in bed while wielding a young man’s penis but no, I didn’t get a free extension on my dick no matter how much time I gave it. Fortunately for the manufacturer, I won’t be cashing in the money-back guarantee despite my lack of significant penile growth because the rest of the side effects were pretty amazing.

Does It Make You Bigger?

In a sense, the formulation sort of makes you bigger downstairs but it’s not quite in the way you think. The growth experienced is more of a cosmetic thing that lasts just as long as the ingredients are still pulsating through your veins. After that, your main vein shrinks back to its original size. The process, therefore, is more like a quick plumping – it fills all the nooks and crannies on the penile shaft, making the user’s member look as though it’s all it was ever meant to be. In other words, VigRX Plus doesn’t necessarily make you bigger as much as it draws out your dick’s full potential. I hope that makes sense.

Are the Results Permanent?

No, the results of this product are not permanent, at least not in my case. You will have to purchase a continual supply of VRX+ if you want it to keep working its magic, but each bottle contains a 30 to 60-day supply (depending on how often you use it). Unfortunately, this stuff is not made for instant improvements. It has to build up in the body for optimal results. And while the results go away as soon as the side effects of the ingredients stop working, the benefits of the supplement itself can be enjoyed for as long as you want, given you use the product as instructed by the manufacturer. Failure to use this stuff as instructed can have dire consequences, especially if you’re on other medications and haven’t talked to your doctor yet.

Interestingly, there is some evidence to support that fact that continual use of a high-quality MEP with a well-balanced ingredient formulation can permanently improve the buyer’s health. Those who choose the right supplement often enjoy decreased blood pressure, better sleep patterns, a more robust appetite for food, lowered cholesterol and even a reduced risk of certain types of cancers. And while there’s little correlation between the ingredients of a male enhancement pill and the health benefits just mentioned, the subsequently enhanced sexual experience is proven to boost a person’s morale and physical wellbeing in countless ways. So, in that way, VigRX Plus offers a type of permanence that can be appreciated by men of all ages.

What Are the Side Effects of VigRX Plus?

According to the manufacturer, there are no reported side effects from the all-natural formulation of this MEP. The ingredients are of such high quality, in fact, that even some people who typically have an aversion to one of the elements don’t always suffer a reaction as a result of taking these pills. With that said, however, it’s still important to carefully consider what this supplement has in it before ingesting the first dose because no two people are exactly the same.

Make sure you and/or your partner is not allergic to any of the ingredients, as that may make the product an unsafe choice for some consumers. Keep in mind also that most male enhancement products use the same basic ingredients, just in different quantities, so if you can use other brands then you can most likely use VigRX Plus as well. I suggest taking the recommended dosage for about 10 to 15 days before making up your mind unless, of course, you have an allergic reaction to the ingredients immediately upon ingestion. In that case, stop taking the pills right away and contact your family doctor.

The Verdict

There are a lot of male enhancement pills on the market these days and many of them are amazing. Some act fast while others take a long time, and there are pros and cons to each of those situations. In my opinion, VigRx Plus does a good job of keeping the balance between both options. It may take a while for the ingredients to affect your body but once it does, watch out. This is some seriously powerful stuff, so it’s probably not ideal for MEP newbies or for men who don’t have legit sexual performance problems. All-in-all, it’s a great product for guys with erectile dysfunction, low testosterone or a declining libido.

Reviews Of The Top 10 Best Male Enhancement Pills On The Market In 2020

It doesn’t matter what country you visit or which culture you examine, men have been trying to improve the quality of their sex lives since the dawn of time. Back in the day, we witnessed our ancestors swallowing all manner of things in an effort to enhance the virility of his main vein – animal bloods, body fluids, mysterious herbs, you name it. Through their careful (and sometimes careless) experimentation, we’ve come to discover a few amazing substances that can be ingested for our immediate and/or long-term benefit. Those substances have since been fashioned into a wide variety of pills and potions, with some having specialized formulations focused primarily on the user’s reproductive functionality. They’re called male enhancement pills and they’re nothing like the products you’re thinking of.

Last decade’s take on the average male’s sexual health and expression left much to be desired. But as we moved into the turn of the new millennium, however, things started changing for the better. The resulting avalanche of performance enhancing products was like a breath of fresh air for many guys, although millions were left wondering what to do next because of the overwhelming variety created in the wake. The prevalence of these pills then became second nature to consumers, resulting in unscrupulous manufacturers getting their low-quality products into the mix under the radar. That trend caused a counterproductive landslide that prevented large portions of the male population from having the sex they truly desired. It’s a good thing we corrected the mistake. Or did we?

These products are now so popular that most men report having used one at least once in their lifetime, even if they were already pleased by their sexual performances. Partners also claim that their lover’s ability to satisfy their sexual urges is significantly increased when one of these pills is taken ahead of time. Meanwhile, both parties revel in their newfound love of the game and everyone’s orgasms are ten times better. Could it be that our modern-day food system and adherence to contemporary traditions has led to the depletion of our libidos? If so, it seems like male enhancement pills will surely be there to give us a hand.

What Is a Male Enhancement Pill (A.k.a. Sex Pill)?

Sometimes called a MEP, male enhancement pills are specially designed products aimed at increasing the user’s sexual arousal, stamina and satisfaction over time. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with some being made in the form of easy to swallow, liquid-filled capsules instead of chalky pills. Regardless of the ingestion method, however, each product is formulated using a proprietary blend of ingredients that are expertly combined to instigate a safe and effective change to the male reproductive system. When used as directed by the manufacturer, MEPs are said to improve the quality of a man’s orgasm while supporting this sexual appetites in numerous ways. Results vary greatly, though, depending on several factors.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that male enhancement products do not plump the penis or extend its length in any way. Be wary of any brand ambassador who claims otherwise. Those are tasks for penis pumps and penis extenders, not MEPs. Contrary to popular belief, these pills cannot transform the look or size of your body. They’re made only to transform the way you use your body, so please enjoy them responsibly. At times, by the way, that may require you to make slight adjustments to your lifestyle and/or eating habits.

The best options tend to stand out from the crowd because they possess a set of standardized characteristics that ensure their efficacy and safety. For most men, optimal MEPs have the following three features:

  • Scientifically Developed Formulas

There has been a lot of research on the topic of male sexual performance improvement, meaning today’s top manufacturers should have (and use) all the information they need to produce high-quality MEPs and then refine those formulas as years pass and medical science advances. Meanwhile, the ingredients need to be formulated to support optimal men’s health or else they’ll do more harm than good.

  • Diligently Measured Doses

The problem with some of the world’s very first male enhancement pills was that they were not dosed right for the average man. There were also fewer manufacturing regulations than there are now. However, it’s still possible for some brands to slip through the cracks and produce lower quality stuff with questionable formulations because many consumers don’t know any better. Good pills will always use carefully metered dosages to help men keep track of their reactions to the ingredients while optimizing their overall health.

  • High-Quality Ingredients

Speaking of ingredients, high-quality male performance enhancers weren’t always made with the best stuff on Earth. In fact, the ingredients list has shifted over the years to accommodate our newfound understanding of the human body and its reaction to stimuli. As a result, the best options now contain things that can pinpoint the user’s sexual shortcomings without causing any potentially harmful side effects that might reduce their ability to enjoy intercourse and/or masturbation.

Because of this timely increase in innovation surrounding them, enhancement pills for men are now capable to maximizing the absorption of the ingredients within. Often containing safe amounts of bioperine, top products can significantly increase the potency of their own formulation upon ingestion at the right intervals. Put another way, the use of this clinically studied ingredient helps the other ingredients within the pill work more readily and consistently. It’s teamwork to make the dream work, basically. Therefore, many of today’s best-selling products operate a whole lot better than their less developed predecessors.

The Most Common Sex Pill Ingredients

Consumers who are skeptical about the efficacy of MEPs receive no help by the fact that the industry uses so many different ingredients to create their pills. However, reputable manufacturers tend to color within the lines of what modern science has dictated as safe and effective. Most commonly, the following # ingredients will be used by in a modern-day male enhancement product:


Also known as turneradiffusa, damiana has been used by sexually active cultures since way back when. It’s a powerful part of a robust plant that features beautiful yellow flowers and fragrant stems. Derived from tropical climates and transformed into countless forms for numerous applications, this active ingredient in many MEPs works like a natural aphrodisiac while helping with bladder control. It also aids in the absorption of oxygen by the cells, which thereby increases blood flow and enhances the nerve impulses going to your genital region. Its inclusion in today’s best performance improvement products is, therefore, an obvious choice.


Sometimes called “horny goat weed” by those who can’t pronounce its Latin name, epimedium lead extract got its nickname for a very good reason. It’s a naturally occurring plant that belongs to a popular botanical family which is known for its safe and immediate effects to the human body. Horny goat weed contains special chemical compounds known as flavonoids – antioxidants that present much like estrogen in the bloodstream. The phytoestrogen blocks certain enzymes from forming, thereby increasing the production of testosterone and all the sex-related side effects that go with it, including increased arousal and more satisfying orgasms.


People have been using Asian red ginseng to increase their sexual potency for centuries. The first known application was, in fact, for erotic purposes back in 3500 B.C. China under the Shen-Nung Dynasty. The emperor at the time became known as the father of Chinese medicine, meaning his use of this ingredient is well-documented and still respected today. His work includes notes on the substance, with him stating exactly what I’m trying to say now: “It produces as warm, sexually charged sensation in the body without disrupting the other systems” or something like that.


It might sound more like a food instead of an ingredient in a MEP but that’s because you’re not yet aware of its chemical fortitude. Hawthorn berry contains some pretty vital properties, including one which contributes to a person’s overall reproductive health. There are several cardiovascular benefits as well – blood vessel strengthening, lowered cholesterol levels, and heart function support just to name a few. All of those side effects work together seamlessly, especially with other ingredients in the mix, to optimize the user’s sexual performance and enjoyment. In fact, this stuff could very well be a stand-alone ingredient if ingested in the right manner.


Native to North America, the saw palmetto plant is all over the country’s gulf coastline and commonly used in the product of male enhancement pills and other health supplements. It directly affects the hormone levels of the person ingesting it, especially if that person is a male in search of sexual performance improvement. The chemicals inside this naturally occurring plant can pave the way for testosterone production, thereby increasing your arousal within minutes. Scientists still don’t know exactly how it works, but one thing is for sure: We need it to be in our MEPs for best results.


South America is home to many herbs and tinctures used by modern society, so their use of catuaba bark extract for improved sexual function should come as no surprise. After all, the Peruvian and Brazilian derived plant can significantly increase sexual desire and appetite without causing damage to any other part of the body. It contains a trio of safe and effective alkaloids that function within the user’s nervous system to decrease muscle fatigue and reduce the effects of performance anxiety. When used as directed, this stuff can even help balance a person’s sleep cycles naturally.


This stuff is known around the world as “the erection root” because of its uncanny ability to improve the sturdiness and longevity of a man’s boner if used correctly. Swallowed up religiously by the tribes of Brazil for millennia, muira pauma bark extract is one of the world’s most potent aphrodisiacs. A study on its efficacy and safety was even conducted back in the 90s, revealing how advantageous it would be to consumers if added to things like MEPs, for instance. The result has been overwhelming, with more than half of all users of the substance reporting a significant increase in their libido and arousal (and that’s not even taking into considering its effects when combined with the other ingredients mentioned here).


As a natural substance that has been used for centuries to treat or cure a long list of health problems, the Chinese herb called ginko biloba has a continual invite into the formulation of many male enhancement products. It acts as a powerful antioxidant, improving the function of nerve endings and promoting better blood flow. Increased blood flow results in better erections and prolonged lovemaking sessions – two things that most men are looking for when they ingest a MEP.


Bioperine was mentioned earlier because it has become so prevalent in the production of these pills. Known as the king of the spices, this ingredient dramatically changes the way our bodies react to certain herbs, chemicals and substances. Therefore, the inclusion of bioperine in MEPs a wise decision. The ingredient inherently enhances the efficacy of the other ingredients by as much as 40%, meaning it would be negligent NOT to include it into the mix (especially given its relative innocuousness).

Keep in mind that the ingredient formulation of all male enhancement pills will vary widely from one manufacturer to another. It is therefore your responsibility as the consumer to check the labels and ensure maximum potency, quality, and effectiveness.

Dick Pills: Who Uses Them?

Consumers seem to go crazy about these products and it’s for a good reason. And while many misinformed people assume that MEPs are made to increase the size and/or thickness of their penis, that’s simply not true. Their purpose is not to boost your physical attributes but to improve the pleasures you provide and experience with them. Here are the top 5 most common reasons why men ingest these kinds of pills:

  • To Achieve Harder Erections

Many of the ingredients in top-brand pills are used and/or combined to increase the hardness of the user’s erection, whether instantly or over time. This is a great benefit for guys who feel like their penises aren’t sturdy enough for rigorous penetration.

  • To Deliver Longer-Lasting Boners

Most of the formulation inside a good MEP is focused on providing longer-lasting erections as well as harder and sturdier ones. This is an amazing advantage for men who enjoy lengthy intercourse or masturbation sessions wherein they need a hard-on for several minutes at a time.

  • To Enjoy More Intense Sensations

A lot of what goes into these pills is used for intensifying the sensations of sex and/or masturbation through increased blood flow and the supported stimulation of exposed nerve endings. This is great for improving the quality of the user’s orgasms, making regulatory sex far more enjoyable than it is without the substance.

  • To Increase Arousal

Usually, MEPs are ingested to increase the user’s libido, sex drive, and arousal. This is especially important for men who suffer from health conditions which significantly reduce their ability to enjoy and/or instigate intercourse. It may also help rekindle the flames in worn out relationships.

  • To Help with Erectile Dysfunction

The most powerful male enhancement pills can and will help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, or ED. Ingredient formulations are specially mixed to force blood flow into the shaft of the penis, resulting in more substantial erections whether you like it or not (sometimes).

NOTE: Because high-quality sexual enhancers for men are usually very potent and powerful, they’re not always recommended for men who battle premature ejaculation. The substantial increase in sensations may cause ejaculation to occur even sooner than normal.

The Top 10 Best Male Enhancement Pills On The Market In 2020:

On any given day, you’ll find about a million different MEPs on today’s market. That means it’s tough to figure out which one is best unless you have some advice to go on. I also let other people be my guinea pigs before trying something new. Still, the following 10 male enhancement pills have been hoisted to the top of the list by our fellow man enough to make us all second-guess our skepticism. Here are the products you should start out with, especially if you’re trying to avoid all the hype:

#1 VigRX Plus



  • Convenient dosage requirements and manageable pill size
  • Patience required for the formula to take full effect

It’s one of the industry’s best rated MEPs and for more reasons than the average man can shake his stick at. In fact, VigRX Plus has earned that title for nearly a decade now, thanks to the help of its proprietary blend of all-natural, high-potency ingredients. This USA-made performance enhancer for men offers clinically proven results in a relatively short amount of time, all without uncomfortable side effects, nonsense exercise plans or numerous daily doses required.

#2 Max Performer



  • Goes to work instantly for quick performance enhancement
  • Best when ingested on an empty stomach but doing so may increase side effects

Aimed at providing users with harder, longer-lasting boners, Max Performer is a powerful little pill that contained 100% natural ingredients that have been expertly blended together for optimal potency. This stuff promises a dramatic increase in your sex drive and stamina with the very first dose. Negative side effects tend to be minimal when the product is ingested with plenty of water, and positive outcomes tend to increase over time when the product is used as directed.

#3 Rizer XL



  • Gentle yet effective results over time
  • May not be as potent as some men prefer

This one isn’t necessarily for men with erection problems but that’s only because it’s crafted exclusively for guys who need improved sexual stamina and endurance instead. Rizer XL is said to supercharge the user’s libido while offering guaranteed enhancements to his bedroom performance using safe, natural ingredients that have been combined for maximum efficacy. Daily doses are recommended and optimal results take time, but the end game is strong and this pill works wonders when used alongside a penis pump or extender.

#4 ExtenZe



  • Some of the longest lasting side effects in the industry
  • Probably shouldn’t be used by newbies or men with super sensitive penises

It offers some of the most intense sensations when it kicks in and it kicks in like it has a black belt in karate. Therefore, ExtenZe may not be appropriate for guys who aren’t sure how MEPs affect their body. Either way, this one-of-a-kind formulation is made to significantly intensify the user’s orgasms while increasing his endurance and maximizing the lifespan on his erection. It’s all all-inclusive little pill, but don’t that fool you. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart.

#5 Viasil



  • Can take the place of some prescription-grade ED Pills
  • Not ideal for beginners or men with premature ejaculation problems

Often referred to as a natural Viagra alternative, Viasil offers an extremely noticeable side effect within minutes of being ingested. It’s not for long-term performance improvement but rather for instant gratification, making it a go-to pill for men from all over the world. One dose will most likely have you performing for hours while being more passionate and confident than ever before, so don’t say you haven’t been warned. In fact, this MEP isn’t even recommended unless you’re a pro or your penis is extremely numb.

#6 ProSolution Pills



  • Short lifespan in the bloodstream for more customizable sessions
  • May not provide side effects that are intense enough for all users

They’re not exactly the most powerful pills on the market, but what the more intense options lack, this one picks up. It’s one of the most ideal products for performance enhancement newbies, but that doesn’t negate its purposefulness. ProSolution Pills can give you hard-ons like you won’t believe, all while reviving your sexual desires, increasing your self-confidence, and gently renewing your stamina every time you’re about to give up. It causes minimal side effects when used as directed and it swiftly exits your system after every dose so there’s no chemical build-up to manage.

#7 Viril X



  • Formula backed by lots of scientific research
  • Does not increase sex drive as much as semen production

This potent little pill offers more than meets the eye, with a patented formula that was carefully mixed under the watchful eye of professionals at an FDA-approved facility. Viril-X drastically increases blood flow to the most crucial areas, thereby boosting testosterone levels which aids in erection achievement and maintenance as well as a higher libido and better stamina. According to the manufacturer, this stuff can even increase the user’s semen production and decrease his recovery time by several minutes.

#8 Male Extra



  • Guaranteed improvements to your love life
  • Loss of 60 days if it doesn’t work as promised

It seems like everyone has jumped on the MEP bandwagon, including the makers of Male Extra – a bite-sized capsule designed to supercharge the user’s confidence through an instantaneous improvement to his sex drive, erection power and stamina. This tiny tincture is said to help men fully satisfy their female partners by prolonging the session using a specialized blend of safe ingredients. Its manufacturer is so sure of your positive results that they hand out 60-day money-back promises to all their customers.

#9 Male UltraCore



  • Thicker erections without the unmanageable longevity
  • Manufacturer admits that product results can vary widely

Male UltraCore uses an exclusive mixture of VI-PEX and STEM complexes to provide one of the strongest changes to a man’s body without causing an adverse reaction. Interestingly enough, it claims to be among the very few MEPs that “guarantees” an increase to the user’s penis size upon ingestion. And while that effect is temporary and only the result of increased blood flow, the proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients is unlike anything else on the market, plus it goes to work damn near immediately.

#10 Nugenix Total-T



  • Can increase immunities and prevent muscle fatigue
  • Kicks in too subtly for some men

Nugenix is a relatively unknown brand but their Total-T male enhancement formula is finally putting them on the map. It’s an elite blend of eight scientifically proven effective ingredients and it’s designed for all experience levels. The combination of substances inside each pill find the weak areas in the user’s body and then support optimal functionality therein. It contains absolutely zero stimulants, no fillers, and can increase your libido, maximize your energy levels, or improve the sturdiness of your erection within minutes.

In Conclusion

To be fair, it’s difficult to pick out the perfect MEP because there are so many viable options available these days. Thankfully, things are a lot more sophisticated than they once were. Historically speaking, this is the best possible time for a sexually enlightened man to explore the boundaries of his body with a male enhancement pill. Scientists are no longer in the dark about the way the male penis functions, allowing them to aid in the development of mankind’s first “guaranteed” boner improvement capsule. If things keep going in the same direction, it’s hard telling what we’ll be able to accomplish in the years to come.

Male Enhancement Pill FAQ

Q: How long does it take one of these pills to kick in?

A: The length of time you’ll be required to wait for the side effects of a male enhancement pill to kick in will depend on several different factors, including but not limited to the following:

  • Your starting point
  • Your physical health
  • The potency of the ingredients
  • The proprietary blend
  • Your ability to use the product as directed

Timespans can range greatly, so be sure to check the bottle. Many cause immediate effects without waiting or planning, while some require a few weeks advance notice for best results. In general, the pills that make you wait require a 30 to 60-day commitment.

Q: Honestly, how am I supposed to use something like this?

A: The taboos surrounding self-improvement and sexual performance enhancement have finally been lifted, so using a product like this should cause no damaging effects to your social life. Furthermore, the regimen required is often extremely simple and conducive with modern-day life. Most pills ask for one or two doses per day, usually with food or a snack. However, it’s important to note that each product calls for something different. Read the label for more information on how and when to take your pills. If support from a penis pump or extender is recommended, see to it that you buy a high-quality one for optimal performance improvement. In the meantime, increase your chances of a favorable outcome like this:

  • Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet
  • Get plenty of exercise
  • Try to keep your sleep cycles steady
  • Practice safe sex
  • Consult a doctor with any recurring or untreatable problems

Q: Can a MEP disrupt my everyday life in any way?

A: Yes, the wrong performance enhancer can negatively effect your life in several ways, which is why it’s so important to choose the right one. An incorrect or incompatible blend of ingredients may leave you experiencing too much or too little of the side effects listed on the label. Certain formulations are naturally stronger than others, so believe what the manufacturer says when they claim to have an extra potent pill. And while MEPs are designed to change the way you function in the bedroom, good ones should not change or alter your everyday life in any manner.

Q: How often do I have to take one of these pills?

A: The frequency with which you must ingest a pill for male sexual performance enhancement can vary widely from one product to another. Some options call for a few doses per day, while others can be used right before sex and/or masturbation for immediate effects. Usually, the timeframe depends on several factors, including:

  • The type of ingredients inside each pill
  • The potency of said ingredients
  • The way your body reacts to those ingredients
  • The length of time the active ingredients are kept in your bloodstream

In general, however, the best MEPs on the market require users to ingest only one or two pills on a daily basis for up to six months. Check the label or instructions for more detailed information. Whatever you do, try not to go over or under the recommended dose if you can help it.

Q: Are there any side effects I need to be especially cautious about?

A: These pills are about as unique as the people who use them, so even the products that promise to cause zero side effects can still be dangerous to some men. With that said, well-made MEPs are generally safe for all users because they’ve either been tested by a reputable source or they contain ingredients that were tested before being added into the mix. Either way, be sure to watch out for potentially deadly side effects resulting from an allergic reaction to the substances within the pill. Such reactions generally present as skin rashes, heart palpitations and/or extreme drowsiness. Don’t be afraid to see a doctor if your pill makes you feel uncomfortable in any way.

Q: Truly, how safe are male enhancement pills for the average man?

A: The average man can use a MEP as directed for several months without having the first adverse side effect. Other man can take a single pill and break out in a serious rash. Therefore, the safety of any male enhancement product is dependent upon the contents of the pill and the user’s reaction to them. Properly formulated products are made in such a way to reduce the risk of painful or embarrassing side effects, but every man should proceed with caution until he knows exactly how a product will (or will not) affect him.

Q: How fast can I expect to see results when I take my pills as directed?

A: Result speed depends on the user and the quality of the pills he takes. Top-notch products don’t always offer immediate side effects though. The trick is to pick out something that contains ingredients that are known for a quick change to the body’s overall functionality. Check the label on each bottle to find out how long you need to wait for optimal results. Be prepared to practice patience and consistency for up to three months, or even as much as six months in many cases. In fact, fast-acting MEPs are generally viewed as a red flag unless they were developed under scientific and/or medical leadership.

Q: Do I need a prescription to use scientifically developed sexual enhancement products?

A: No, you do not need the permission of a medical professional to enjoy the many benefits of a MEP. As a matter of fact, many of them can be purchased through casual retailers such as adult entertainment stores, drug stores and pharmacies. None are covered by insurance, obviously, but most are affordable enough to be used as often as directed. And while you should consult with a physician before starting a new regimen or if you experience any adverse side effects, acquiring and/or taking these pills should not involve the expensive and time-consuming process of procuring a prescription. To ensure maximum results, choose one that was developed under the watchful eye of a sexual health expert.

Q: Will these pills make my penis larger or fatter?

A: Let’s set the record straight once and for all: There is no such thing as a penis enlargement pill. Many manufacturers will claim that their product can increase the length and/or girth of the user’s penis, but that’s simply not possible with today’s technology. What is possible, however, is for a man to feel like his erection is more substantial because of the increase in blood flow provided by the most potent ingredients within the pill. The result is what confuses some consumers and gets exploited by many marketers. It’s not a bigger or fatter penis you get, it’s a penis with its total surface area maximized. That’s all you down there; it’s not a pill and it probably never will be. Put simply, MEPs are designed exclusively to help you wield your sword with more skill when the occasion arises.

Q: What happens to my body and my money if these pills don’t work?

A: Unfortunately, most MEPs don’t come with a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer. A handful of them include a quality promise like that, but all brands make a disclaimer about the uniqueness of the human body and the unpredictability of its reaction to various stimuli. It’s almost impossible to know exactly what will happen when a man swallows a powerful pill like this. However, if your body rejects the ingredients in any way, you may qualify for a cash back incentive with the right brand. When allowed by the manufacturer, it may be necessary for you to increase and/or decrease the dosage to match your body’s needs. Whatever you do, alter the instructions carefully and utilize any customer service helplines provided by the maker.

Q: What happens if the pills I choose are too strong for my body?

A: Nobody is forcing you to use a male enhancement pill, so don’t feel pressured into doing something you’re not comfortable with. Having said that, products that feel too strong for your body (meaning they disrupt your daily life or romantic ventures in a negative way) need to put down immediately. It may be that you’re having an allergic reaction to the ingredients inside the pill. It could also be that you’re not fully prepared for the potency thereof. Try decrease the dosage as per the instructions included or stop using the product altogether until you see a doctor. Should you occasion arise where you discover this problem mid-sex after ingesting it, drink lots of water to flush your system and refrain from strenuous activities until the side effects go away.

Q: Do I have to take these things for the rest of my life now?

A: No, you will not be forced to maintain some crazy MEP regimen for the rest of your life to enjoy great sex and/or masturbation. However, many of these products come with instructions for use over several months. And while it’s generally recommended that men stop using these pills after about six months or so to give their body a chance to recoup and readjust, it’s not always necessary for that man to pick up where he left off after the break is over. On the same token, a lot of guys prefer to continue their pill taking regimen for many years just because they enjoy the sexuality enhancing side effects (or because the ingredients are required as part of their exercises with a penis pump/extender). Be sure to read the label for more information.

Q: When I take these things, will my partner be able to tell a difference or it is all internal?

A: Unless you’re the type of guy who only masturbates in private, the side effects provided by top-quality MEPs will most certainly become noticeable to your partner. After all, that’s the entire premise of using ingestible sexual performance enhancers like this. So, while many of the side effects are internal, the manifestation of those internal side effects is almost always externally exhibited. In other words, because the ingredients change your body chemistry so drastically, the outside world (aka: your partner(s)) will be able to immediately notice that physical change when they engage you in all manner of erotic activities.

Q: Is there a special way to store or maintain my supply when I’m not using it?

A: Part of using your MEPs responsibly is taking care of the bottle they come in. Most of the time, the containers are easy to open while being durable against environmental pressures and abrasive chemicals. However, that doesn’t mean they’re impervious against extreme temperatures, moisture and/or direct sunlight. For best results, and to prolong the shelf life of your stash, be sure to keep everything stored in a cool, dry place inside your home. Bottles should be kept upright to prevent spilling and lids should be kept in place at all times. As always, make sure your supply is away from curious children and pets.

Q: Will these pills react with my prescription medications in any way?

A: While the majority of high-quality MEPs are made out of all-natural ingredients that have been clinically tested as safe and effective, their formulation may not be appropriate for all users (especially those who take prescription medication) and here’s why: Certain ingredients are s powerful that they either cancel out the work of the medication or they’re actually contained within the medication itself. Therefore, doubling the dosage or canceling out the side effects may have serious consequences attached. No matter what the product’s label says or how safe and natural the contents are, always talk to your doctor first. This is monumentally important for men who current take prescription or over-the-counter medicines, as neglecting to assimilate the substances in your body can be deadly.

Q: How long do the side effects of a male enhancement pill typically last?

A: The best male enhancement pills typically present side effects that last for several hours. In fact, a few are known as natural Viagra alternatives because of their ability to cause a strong erection and extreme sexual arousal for long periods of time. The lengths of efficacy are, however, very different from one product to another (with special considerations paid to the user’s body and chemical makeup, of course). In general, however, pills that offer immediate results often last for one to three hours max. The pills that call for a lengthy habit can stay in the system for several months and go to work on demand.

Q: Is it better to buy my MEPs over the counter, from an internet merchant, or through a doctor?

A: At this stage in human development, it’s a well-known fact that guys use MEPs for a variety of purposes. They were once only available through a prescription, but that’s no longer the case. As such, it no longer matters how or where you procure your supply as long as it’s from a trusted and reputable source that sells authentic products. Keep in mind, however, that knockoffs aren’t as rare as you think. Always consider the merchant’s transparency while hunting down discounts and special consumer incentives. Your best bet is to buy each product directly from the manufacturer if at all possible. Remember though, that might require an online purchase, so don’t give out personal banking information unless you’re confident in the seller.

Q: Should I choose pills that come in a screw-top bottle or punch-out containers, or does it even matter?

A: For safety purposes, a bottle may be the best way to store your precious pills. For convenience sake, pop-out packages might be a better fit. It all depends on how and when you plan to use your stash. Bottles tend to keep the contents more secure, especially during travel, but punch-out pill sheets can be easier to manage when things get hot and heavy. Considering the fact that many MEPs require a 10 to 20-minute window before the ingredients take effect, it may be your best bet to opt for the packaging that offers security over convenience. After all, some of these products shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands (kids, pets, the elderly, for example) and the manufacturer can’t be held responsible for any user negligence.