Reviews Of The Top 5 Best Delay Sprays for Men In 2020

Once upon a time, I naively promised a long night of rough sex to the hottest partner I ever had. That ended up being one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Had I just been honest about my issues with premature ejaculation, especially when fucking such prime pussy, things would have gone a lot smoother. Instead, I tried to play it cool and went in full force without any protection on my penis – condoms, lube or otherwise. And while I DO NOT regret going barebacked on that tight, sexy little beast in my bed, I’m totally bummed that I didn’t use a good delay spray to keep her cumming back for more. Lesson learned, I guess.

My obsession with penile numbing agents came about after that embarrassing episode wherein I ended up apologizing for getting off in 3 minutes flat. So much for a long night of passionate lovemaking, eh? Those performance enhancement pills are made for keeping my dick erect (not a problem here) and they can increase confidence while improving intensity of the sensations of orgasm. Sounds like an amazing group of side effects, but that shit isn’t needed when you’re already turned on like a motherfucker – rock-hard boner and all. In times like that, I’ve learned the hard way that the only option is to slap on an ejaculation delaying product and call it a day.

What Is a Delay Spray for Men?

Delay sprays are liquids, creams or foams that are designed to help men prolong their sexual experience by numbing the nerve endings on their penis. Used for a variety of experiences and for numerous reasons, in fact, these products are generally safe for all skin types and usually come in ergonomic containers for better user-friendliness. However, some feature chemicals that may cause an allergic reaction and/or some transfer from one partner to another. Many people prefer delay sprays with zero transfer, but a few couples like the tingling sensations produced by stronger products. Either way, these sprays are supposed to help couples reach climax at the same time and that’s what they almost always do (when used correctly, of course).

How Do Delay Sprays Work?

Products that are made to prolong your sexual endurance are almost always crafted with the average man in mind. The best ones are also formulated with industry-standard ingredients that are safe while still remaining effective. Usually, ingredients include naturally derived chemicals and extracts that have been proven to desensitize penile nerve endings or stall certain bodily functions – all without preventing ejaculation or presenting any negative side effects. For the most part, a majority of delay sprays work like this, although some are made for a more specific type of help, including some that are designed for couple’s play (aka: absolutely non-transferrable).

The Most Common Ingredients

Science has given us many technological advancements which allow us to do things we couldn’t always do, like last for up to 30 minutes in bed without ejaculating. Modern-day sprays for delaying orgasm help couples achieve the kinds of experiences they desire the most and they do that by utilizing some of the world’s most powerful and effective ingredients. Here are some of the things you’ll find most of the time:

  • Lidocaine

Lidocaine is an extremely gentle chemical, although it’s probably not appropriate for all skin types. However, it’s commonly used in minor medical and dental procedures to help numb the pain of small burns and skin abrasions. This ingredient is not good for long-term pain relief, thus making it ideal for high-quality delay sprays that are designed to help men enhance their sexual experiences.

  • Benzocaine

Benzocaine is a lot like lidocaine except for the fact that it’s made out of a completely different set of chemicals. It has the same basic effect on the human penis and is often has gentler on the skin than its competition. Many people prefer delay sprays made with this ingredient because it lasts longer and often washes off easily. However, many people complain about the smell and some have qualms with the intensity of the numbness. It’s certainly not for everybody.

  • Vitamins

Many delay spray makers started realizing how potentially dangerous some of these chemicals were, so they began infusing their products with skin nourishing ingredients like vitamins, minerals and moisturizers. Now, most options contain at least one thing that helps to protect the skin from the dangers of increased friction and surface numbing. Check the label on each option to find out what the manufacturer has fortified it with.

  • Perfumes

The smell of certain numbing agents can be very off-putting, which is why many of today’s best products are made with specialized fragrances that are designed to mask the scent wafting from the spray. Keep in mind that these additional ingredients may not be appropriate for all skin types, however convenient and pleasant, so be sure to know the limitations of anyone involved in their use.

Of course, there are more ingredient combinations than we can address in this simple guide so you’ll have to use your best judgement to find the right one. Think about the important factors that will affect your experience, such as:

  • Your skin type

Be sure nobody has an allergy or sensitivity to the chemicals inside the delay spray you choose.

  • Your intentions

Ensure that your intentions are in line with what the product offers: time limits, numbing strength, bottle size, scent, etc.

  • Your stamina

If you have decent stamina already, then you probably don’t need something extra strong. If not, you probably do. Keep that in mind when looking around for a good product.

  • Your partner’s preference

Your lover might prefer a little numbing for themselves, or they might despise the entire idea. It’s probably a good idea to speak with them ahead of time to save face.

  • Your budget

The cost of any delay spray isn’t always demonstrated on the initial price tag. Users are commonly required to pay for additional supplies like cleaning solutions and lubes.

Once you have all the important stuff considered, it will be so much easier to find what you’re looking for. Just remember that there’s no wrong answer here, and it’s okay to do some trial and error until you find something that works the way you want it to.

The Top 5 Best Delay Sprays For Men In 2020:

The industry is suddenly filled with different options – one for every man regardless of where he comes from, where he starts or what he’s looking for. Because of that, it’s often impossible for the average guy/couple to find what works best. Over time, the failures and disappointments make guys think that these products don’t work at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, certain products have naturally found a way to the top of the heap and that’s a very good thing for consumers like us. After all, how else would we know where to begin? Here are the 5 best delay sprays available right now:

#1 VigRx Delay Spray

VigRX, which is the same brand that makes one of the industry’s best performance enhancement supplements, is responsible for this top-notch delay spray as well. It works in 10 minutes or less and it glides onto the skin without causing any irritation because of its generally hypoallergenic formulation. The ingredients are professionally blended to help prolong sex or masturbation by improving the user’s stamina naturally, plus it has a relatively pleasant smell and absorbs into the skin quickly for maximum effect, minimal waiting. This stuff’s label claims that it takes only two sprays for optimal results and, for the most part, that’s what consumers say as well.


  • Comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee


  • May be too strong for some men

#2 Promescent

This stuff was originally made by urologists and is designed exclusively for men who suffer from premature ejaculation problems. To be honest, Promescent should be obtained through a prescription only but it’s available over the counter anyway. It features metered dosing nozzle and goes to work in under 10 minutes for maximum numbness – although the proprietary ingredients ensure the wearer will still enjoy the sensations of penetration. Only a few sprays are needed for quick results, and the entire thing is even approved by the FDA for safe, continual use regardless of the consumer’s health. Best of all, it won’t transfer from one partner to another.


  • Extra gentle on all skin types regardless of sensitivities and/or allergies


  • Smell may be somewhat off-putting to certain users

#3 Adam and Eve: Marathon

The brand responsible for this stuff is better known than many sex toy companies. Their Marathon delay spray is a testament to their high-quality production standards, with a formulation that takes less than 5 minutes to become effectual, plus a chemical makeup that’s appropriate for every skin type under the sun. The liquid is thick and oily, which is ideal for people who want to protect their complexion, and it’s also contained within a bottle that comes with a metered dosing nozzle so you can put it exactly where you want it. Ada and Eve’s main ingredient is benzocaine too, which means it’s not only long-lasting but also affordable and effective at numbing the nerve endings on the penis without lots of transfer.


  • Washes off super easily with soap and water


  • Contains parabens which may be harmful to certain users

#4 Doc Johnson’s Power Plus

Since the Doc Johnson brand makes such amazing sex toys, it only makes sense that they would also create delay sprays like Power Plus so that their buyers could enjoy each device for as long as humanly possible. This stuff contains a hefty helping of benzocaine for maximum numbing and minimal side effects, plus it’s formulated to require very little substance for each session and it’s not offensive in its presentation whatsoever. Ideal for couples and oral sex too, this stuff is often recommended for beginners because of its gentle yet effective side effects and its user-friendly ingredients list. Either way, it’s ideal for delay spray pros as well.


  • Odorless and tasteless for all kinds of sexual activities


  • Bottle style makes it hard to use for some people

#5 Super Dragon 6000

This stuff is so effective that the manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee if it doesn’t help you and/or your partner enjoy longer lovemaking sessions with just one use. The makers of Super Dragon 6000 even say that it goes to work in minutes while allowing men to fuck for hours and that’s actually the general consensus from consumers. Designed to help stop bouts of premature ejaculation without removing all the sensations of sex, the proprietary formula provides a good balance and absorbs quickly for almost instantaneous results. The combination of features has made it one of the most sought-after delay sprays in all the land, in fact.


  • Convenient spray bottle for speedy and easy applications


  • Has a somewhat repulsive smell according to some users

Final Considerations

Picking out the best delay spray isn’t always easy. There are so many options on the market that the average man stands no chance without arming himself with plenty of knowledge along the way. And while advertising experts always do their best to attract as many buyers as possible, your ability to cut through the bullshit has just improved because of your willingness to consider what other consumers have already stated. Congratulations on being one step closer to having the best sex of your life. One thing before I let you go though: Don’t forget that many delay sprays work fast but don’t last long enough. Remember the point of using this shit in the first place (or suffer the consequences of making a hasty decision). The choice is yours.

Delay Spray FAQ

Q: Is there are special way that I’m supposed to store my supply when it’s not in use?

A: The proper procedure for storing your supply of delay sprays will depend heavily on the container and your available space. Always check the label and/or included user instructions for more detailed information on how the product should be kept. In general, however, most bottles and tubes can be stowed in a bedside table, medicine cabinet or overnight bag without much of an issue. Certain containers may pose the risk of spilling or seeping, so try to keep everything stored upright or in a separate container whenever possible.

Q: How long will my dick feel numb after I apply this stuff?

A: The length of time that a delay spray user’s penis will feel numb depends on the product’s ingredients and the strength of the combination thereof. Gentler blends tend to last for about 15 to 20 minutes, while more luxurious options can remain in effect for as long as 30 minutes to a several hours. For best results, always start out with a small amount of product until you know how it will affect you and/or your partner. Give the substance about 10 to 15 minutes to take full effect before making your judgment call.

Q: When I use a powerful numbing agent on my penis before having sex, will my partner be able to feel it too?

A: Warning – Your partner may be able to feel the numbing sensation if you use too much of the product or if it’s designed to do that. Check the label and ingredients list for more detailed information. For the most part, however, a majority of delay sprays are designed to maximum the sexual stamina of the wearer without causing a reaction in the receiver. Products like that are ideal for oral stimulation because they don’t transfer to the mouth (most of the time).

Q: What happens when I’m done having sex or masturbating and the numbness is still in effect?

A: If you have successfully ejaculated while using a delay spray, chances are you didn’t use enough of it for the formula to do what it was designed to do. However, in the event that you were just lucky enough to get off while the product was still in effect, be sure to wash your penis and groin area thoroughly before moving on to the next activity. When the numbing agent is still in effect but you’re all done having sex and/or masturbating, try to give your body a few minutes to detox itself of the topical effects or, fuck it, try to reach orgasm again while you have the chance.

Q: How do I properly wash a delay spray off my skin when the session is done?

A: Properly washing your penis and groin area after using a high-powered delay spray may be somewhat difficult, especially to a newbie. At times, it even involves a little scrubbing. Best results are always achieved by using warm water and a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic soap in the bath or shower. In fact, many men use this as an opportunity to engage in water sports with their partner(s) because it takes a little while and involves constant contact with the penis.